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The Hydrogen-Powered Future:
The Coming Transition to a New Energy Economy
April 28-29, 2023

Speaker information and bio sketches are available here:

Conference program:

Friday, April 28

Zarrow Hall, Anne and Henry Zarrow School of Social Work

  • 3:00-4:00 pm –  Registration (Zarrow Hall, Room 145)

  • 3:45-5:30 pm  – Keynote and Panel Discussion (Zarrow Hall, Room 145)

  • 3:45-4:00 pm – Conference opening and introduction of keynote speaker, Dimitrios Papavassiliou, OU

  • 4:00-4:30 pm – Keynote Address: Tomas de la Rubia, Vice President for Research and Partnerships, OU  

  • 4:30-5:30 pm – Panel Discussion on Hydrogen-powered future and challenges to get there

       (moderated by Zev Trachtenberg, Professor of Philosophy, OU)

       John Antonio, Interim Dean, Mewbourne College of Earth and Energy, OU

       Harsha Chelliah, Program Director, Combustion and Fire Systems, National Science Foundation

       James Collard, Director of Planning and Economic Development for Citizen Potawatomi Nation

Hanping Ding, Assistant Professor, Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering, OU

       David Raney, Executive Director, Texas Hydrogen Alliance

       Shadi Salahshoor, Sr. Technical Leader, Hydrogen Technology Center, GTI Energy

  • 5:30-6:30 pm Social Hour Reception at Zarrow Hall (light appetizers and drinks)


Saturday, April 29

Valero Room, Gallogly Hall 127

  • 8:30-8:50 am – Continental breakfast and coffee  

  • 8:50-9:00 am – Opening remarks, CHEPS at OU, Dimitrios Papavassiliou  

  • Session A-1 (9:00-10:30 am): Hydrogen research activities at OU and the region (moderated by Daniel Resasco, Professor of Chemical Engineering, OU)

9:00-9:15          Tim Filley, Director of Institute for Resilient Environmental and Energy Systems, OU

HALO initiative at OU

9:15-9:30          Ipsita Gupta, Petroleum Engineering, Louisiana State University

Hydrogen in Louisiana – Opportunities and Challenges

9:30-9:45          Haibo Zhai, Civil and Architectural Engineering, University of Wyoming 

An Outlook for Technological Evolution of Large-Scale Blue Hydrogen Production

9:45-10:00        Steven Crossley, Chemical, Biological and Materials Engineering, OU

Hydrogen production with catalytic pyrolysis 

10:00-10:15      Harsha Chelliah, National Science Foundation 

Hydrogen 3.0 – NSF initiatives 

  • 10:15-10:35      Panel Discussion (all speakers)

  • 10:35-11:00      Coffee Break  

  • Session A-2 (11:00 am -12:30 pm) Social and Economic Issues (moderated by Tana Fitzpatrick, Associate VP for Tribal Relations and Director of Native Nations Center, OU)

11:00-11:15      James Collard, Director of Planning and Economic Development for Citizen Potawatomi Nation

From Here to There: Industrializing Ideas

11:15-11:30      Justin Winikoff, US Department of Agriculture

Renewable Energy on Native American Land

11:30-11:45      Shadi Salahshoor, Hydrogen Technology Center, GTI Energy

Hydrogen Economy and Long-Term Storage Needs

11:45-12:00      Shane Connelly, Director of the Institute for Community and Society Transformation, OU 

Engaging Communities to Promote Energy Justice

12:00-12:15      Wesley Burnett, Economic Research Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture

Economics of the renewable energy transition

  • 12:15-12:35      Panel Discussion (all speakers)

  • Lunch (12:35-1:30 pm) Gallogly Hall Atrium​

  • Session B-1 (1:30-3:00 pm) Hydrogen Supply Management (moderated by Alberto Striolo, Professor of Chemical Engineering, OU)

1:30-1:45 Geoffrey Ellis, Energy Resource Program, US Geological Survey

Geologic hydrogen - An overlooked potential clean primary energy resource

1:45-2:00 Kasun Gunasooriya, Chemical Biological and Materials Engineering, OU 

Material selection challenges for electrolytic production of Hydrogen

2:00-2:15 Colin Wolden, Chemical and Biological Engineering, Colorado School of Mines

The ongoing saga of Haber & Bosch: Scientists who saved the world, accelerated global warming, and may contribute to climate restoration

2:15-2:30 Masa Prodanovic, Petroleum Engineering, University of Texas at Austin 

Hydrogen mobility in rock pores and implications for hydrogen storage

2:30-2:45 Katrín Steinþórsdóttir, University of British Columbia and Carbfix

Carbfix - turning CO2 into rock

  • 2:45-3:05 Panel Discussion (all speakers)

  • 3:05-3:30 Coffee Break

  • Session B-2 (3:30-5:30 pm) Challenges and opportunities, Role of Universities (moderated by Katerina Tsetsura, Professor of Journalism and Mass Communication, OU)

3:30-3:45 Caleb Clark, RD&E Director – Midstream, ChampionX

Chemistry Matters - Hydrogen Compatibility with Gas Production Chemicals

3:45-4:00 Jeff Bielicki, Civil, Environmental and Geodetic Engineering, The Ohio State University 

T-ing Up a Hydrogen Economy that Enhances Sustainability: Interdisciplinary Breadth Among Disciplinary Depth

4:00-4:15 Raman Singh,  Materials Science and Engineering, Oklahoma State University


4:15-4:30 John Antonio, Dean of the College of Earth and Energy, OU 

A Framework for a University-Wide Academic Program in Sustainable Energy Systems”

4:30-4:45 Terri Reed, OU Polytechnic Director at Tulsa

Directions for the future

  • 4:45-5:10 Panel Discussion (all speakers)

  • 5:10 pm Closing comments and adjournment 5:30 pm

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