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Katerina Tsetsura

Gaylord Family Professor
Associate Professor

Co-Principal Investigator
CHEPS Tsetsura Bio
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Katerina Tsetsura, Ph.D. is Gaylord Family Professor and associate professor at the University of Oklahoma, USA. Tsetsura is internationally known for her work in global strategic communication and media transparency. She is the author of over 80 peer-reviewed publications and is a co-author of Transparency, Public Relations, and the Mass Media: Combating the Hidden Influences in News Coverage Worldwide (Taylor & Francis, 2017) and Strategic Communications in Russia (Taylor & Francis, 2021). Tsetsura is a past chair of the PR Divisions of ICA and NCA and serves on editorial boards of Communication Theory, International Journal of Strategic Communication, and Public Relations Review, among others.  

In the CHEPS project, Tsetsura leads communication and outreach efforts to establish and maintain relations with various communities and stakeholders to gain trust and support to hydrogen production and storage and to communicate ground-breaking science ideas in simple, easy, and effective ways. 

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