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NSF Growing Convergence Research (GCR) Project

RANGE: tRANsition to Green Energy in gas-producing regions

The goal of this NSF GCR five-year project is to enable a practical and feasible transition to green energy in a state like Oklahoma (OK) that has relied on gas production. Hydrogen (H2) as fuel offers the opportunity to wean many industrial sectors, such as manufacturing and transportation, from carbon-intensive fuels.

NSF Growing Convergence Research (GCR) Project


RANGE mission is to foster a just energy transition via the inclusion of social needs in hydrogen production research and the creation of a convergent framework connecting engineering, geoscience, economics, and risk communication.  

2024 Sustainability Forum

The second annual OU Sustainability Forum focused on identifying ways in which community, industry and academia can collaborate to overcome the current technological, social and scientific hurdles within energy and sustainability.


The two-day research forum on Feb. 26-27 ,2024 featured three panels with leading industry and academia experts and a research poster session, sponsored by the OU NSF Growing Convergence Research (GCR) project tRANsition to Green Energy in gas-producing regions (RANGE). The Forum offered unique perspectives on economic challenges, pathways to an equitable future, and robust discussions of environmental constraints and contingencies.

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